What is Vrai_Locs?

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Why this track? Thought it would be a good time to state the fact that “We flawless”. ‘Nuff said’

What is Vrai Locs?

We are an online community for Afro hair and Culture. We intend to showcase the beauty of natural hair and the excellence of black culture, whilst promoting self acceptance/confidence/love and respect.

Vrai Locs is a platform that delivers inspiration and information to the natural hair community and beyond. Whether you are a ‘new natural’ looking for tips and a community or perhaps you’re an ‘old school natural’, you didn’t care about what you put in your hair or having particular routines maybe you thought ‘these products all do the same thing’. Maybe you don’t have natural hair and you’re looking for style ideas and/or tips for your kids hair. Either way our hair care and product review articles could be perfect for you. You’ll find tips and information to help you tailor your hair care routine to your unique hair!

Vrai Locs is not just about hair tips and styles, we are all about ‘Black Culture’. So It’s possible you’re here because you enjoy our images on Instagram and Pinterest or better yet you enjoyed reading our articles. Welcome one and all!

At Vrai Locs you’ll find articles on topics based on ‘Afro Hair’, ‘Black Culture’ & ‘Lifestyle’

Some words from Lian

Product Junkie Alert! Since the start of my natural hair journey I have been trying countless products and techniques to better understand my hair. So expect Tips and product reviews from time to time.

But it’s not all roots and locs. I created this platform after deciding to cut off my relaxed hair in order to go natural, because I wanted to document my journey and experiences whilst exploring the thoughts and emotions that are intertwined in my hair. And in so doing get you thinking about your hair/life journey.

Hope you enjoy going on this journey with me.

How my Journey Began.

The Vrai Locs Community

Most of us encounter some trying times in our natural hair journeys and also in pursuit of self-acceptance or self love. But when we are part of a community ready and willing to support each other, we can emerge from those situations with a new found respect for our hair, love for ourselves and each other. Vrai Locs aims to create such a community, one that is supportive and informative.

Featuring articles designed to get you thinking about your natural hair journey, what black culture is today with yet others which promote and uplift ‘black hair culture’ as well as ‘black culture’ as a whole. My hope is that this website will evolve into a community where we can bounce ideas, tips, and tricks off of one another and progress more smoothly through our hair and life journeys.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment.

Be sure to leave reviews, comments and any suggestions you may have.

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