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Hair love
Jun 1st 2020
I see aspects of the story in my life ie. how daunting it must have been for my husband. Having to deal with my daughter and all her hair while trying to avoid the tears and screaming.
What’s in a name?
May 25th 2020
You may know someone who whilst pregnant said they were waiting till the child was born to decide on the name eg. He looks like a David or an Ike. I on the other hand...
Our Children and Community
May 18th 2020
She was handcuffed, with zipties, and taken to a police station… at 6 years old! Because she had a tantrum.
My Baby is no longer a Baby
Apr 6th 2020
Having that history with her from her birth, I knew that going forward there would be, not challenges, but she would be a bit behind everybody else her age.
Kids hair care basics: 7 steps to healthy, moisturised and tangle free hair.
Mar 16th 2020
A lot of the time, when your child is crying and 'ouching' while your doing their hair. it's not because it hurts...
Kids Hair Care Basics: Maia’s Shampoo Day... 8 short steps to long lasting hydration
Mar 1st 2020
This article is for anyone who is having trouble understanding how to take care of type 3 or type 4 hair Black hair. Or just some basic info.