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15 podcasts to listen to while social distancing
Apr 15th 2020
Now it is all about thinking of ways to keep ourselves occupied. Today I am going to be giving you a list of 15 podcasts to listen to to ease this social distancing period.
The Most decadent gooey brownies ever, with chocolate buttercream icing
Apr 13th 2020
This brownie recipe makes rich, gooey delicious brownies with minimum fuss. In fact it is a simple one bowl technique.
Tasty Flatbread with just 3 ingredients
Apr 6th 2020
I have decided to introduce recipes into the blog mix. I will be adding recipes for you to try or maybe just to give you some inspiration.
#World on lockdown; 13 ways to keep busy while social distancing
Mar 23rd 2020
This is just taking the piss. I’m half expecting the dead to rise as zombies and start terrorising the planet…I can’t be the only one who was concerned that a company called ‘Gilead’...
What is Vrai_Locs?
Jan 11th 2020
We are an online community for Afro hair and Culture. We intend to showcase the beauty of natural hair and the excellence of black culture.