Kids hair care basics: 7 steps to healthy, moisturised and tangle free hair.

#kids#haircareby Lian OkolieMar 16th, 2020

Kids Hair Care Basics: Detangling and Moisturising.

Why not…

If you’ve got kids with type 3 or 4 hair, long or short, then you’re probably aware that they don’t really like getting their hair done i.e. having their hair combed or brushed. At times they don’t even want you to touch it.

A lot of the time, what happens is, at least that’s what I’ve seen with my kids, it’s not that it hurts or they don’t like getting their hair done. They see other kids crying when they’re getting their hair done and all of a sudden they feel like that’s what they’re meant to do, they aren’t meant to like it. For example my daughter Maia, I never had a problem with her whilst doing her hair. She didn’t cry, she actually enjoyed it and was excited about the prospect of having’pretty hair’ (a pretty hair style). Canerows, plaits it didn’t matter, she would sit until I was done. Then one fatefull summer my niece came to stay with us in France for the holidays. One day I decided to canerow my nieces hair… let’s just put it this way, there were some tears and quite a few shrieks of pain. Since that day whenever I try to do Maia’s hair she’s shrieking and screaming. That was a real eye opener for me.

So a lot of the time when your child is crying and ‘ouching’ whilst you’re doing their hair (as long as you’re being careful with the knots) it’s not necessarily because it hurts. So next time you’re doing their hair give them some toys or put on their favourite tv show, distract them by whatever means you see fit. Then you shouldn’t hear a peep unless it actually hurts. And even then, maybe not.

So now I’m going to take you through steps I use for detangling Maias hair. She enjoys having her hair out, she wanted that yesterday, so today is a perfect day to show you as her hair is a tangled mess right now.

In certain articles on this blog tagged ‘Kids hair care’ and with dedicated playlists on the Vrai Locs youtube channel I will be sharing tips for hair care and easy to do style ideas.

Ok, so let’s get to it.


In this article I will detailing steps for detangling and moisturising:

conditioning detangler

Step 1:

Spray on some conditioning detangler. As always I use the cantu care for kids range. You spray this all over the hair, if your childs hair is really tangled, it will help for the next step which is sectioning.

Spray Ends

Step 2:

Section the hair and spray on some more detangler. You want to concentrate on the ends as this is where the knots usually end up.

Step 3:

After spraying massage the product into the hair so it absorbs it.

Brushing hair

Step 4:

Ready for the fun part? Time to get your brush or wide tooth comb, whichever you prefer, and start detangling. Brush/comb starting from the tips and then work your way down to the scalp. Don’t forget to hold the hair between the section your are brushing/combing and the scalp, this minimises pulling on the scalp which causes yes you guessed it ‘pain’.

Step 5:

Repeat steps 2-4 till you have brushed/combed out all the hair. If your child’s hair is thick keep the hair in sections for step 6.

Brushing hair

Step 6:

Now you have successfully detangled your child’s hair, it’s time to moisturise. I use The Cantu care for kids curling cream, it works great for Maia’s hair. Whichever moisturiser you chose to use now’s the time to pull it out and apply it sparingly to your child’s hair. Again depending on the porosity of your child’s hair, you might need to do this while the hair is sectioned to ensure every strand get moisturised.

Step 7:

Comb it through

detangled moisturised hair

Et Voila, c’est fini!!! This basic routine will lead to soft, moisturized, and healthy curls.

Now obviously there is more that you can learn but these are the basic steps that all parents NEED to know to properly take care of their kids curly or coily hair (type 3 or type 4).

Thanks for reading and good luck!

For more info on kids hair care basics head over to our youtube page where you can also find inspiration for easy to do cute hairstyles.

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