Kids Hair Care Basics: Maia’s Shampoo Day... 8 short steps to long lasting hydration

#kids#haircareby Lian OkolieMar 1st, 2020

This article is for anyone who is having trouble understanding how to take care of type 3 or type 4 hair.

I will be sharing the routine I use when washing my daughters hair. Taking care of black hair can sometimes be a chore but in my opinion you cannot allow that to influence you children’s perception of their hair. Their hair is beautiful and something they should be proud of, regardless of how long it takes to comb or wash or how time consuming it may be to style.

My 2 youngest daughters have type 3 hair. But my first child has type 4 hair, so I have experienced it all. I’m thankful that I had the patience to always make sure their hair looks good. In this current climate especially, we cannot give our children any reason to feel insecure about who they are or give them a reason to think why is my hair not as pretty or as straight as ‘Enter pretty white classmates name here’. Your child’s hair is beautiful no matter how thick. It is awe inspiring and they should never feel otherwise.

In certain articles on this blog tagged ‘Kids hair care’ and with dedicated playlists on the Vrai Locs youtube channel I will be sharing tips for hair care and easy to do style ideas.

Ok, so let’s get to it.

In this article I will take you through steps for washing, conditioning and L.O.Cing your child’s hair:


Step 1

First things first, soak Your child's hair with water, if their hair is really thick section it so all the strands are soaking wet.


Step 2

Now we cleanse. Shampoo the hair from the roots. Some people don’t even use shampoo, they use conditioner or Cowash as too much shampooing can dry out type 3 and 4 hair and these hair types need moisture. So pick your cleanser of choice. We shampoo once a week with Cantu Care for Kids Nourishing Shampoo which is specifically designed for curly/coily kids hair. We were using Pattern Hair products since their release last year but the fact that we can’t buy them here and I have pay for delivery from the states and also pay the tax. It just got to be a bit too much. It’s a great product but it ain’t that deep. Anyway the Cantu products are great too and they are so much cheaper.


Step 3

After you rinse out the shampoo it’s time to apply the hair conditioner. We use Cantu Care for Kids Nourishing Conditioner. This step you have more wiggle room as to what kind you use, but whichever you use make sure it is a moisturizing one. If your child has thick high porosity hair use A LOT.

Combing hair

Step 4

While the hair is COATED in conditioner this is when you comb through the hair with your fingers or with a wide tooth comb (depending on your child’s hair type). Starting at the tips and detangling slowly as you move up towards the roots. HOLD THE HAIR WHILST COMBING (between the comb and the scalp. Section the hair to make this process easier. If your child has thick and or high porosity hair, when you finished combing you can coat each section in a bit more conditioner cover the hair with a shower cap and leave conditioner to penetrate the strands for about 10 mins

Step 5

After you have successfully detangled the entire head. Rinse out the conditioner.

Leave in conditioner

Step 6

Coat the hair in some sort of Leave in conditioner. This step may take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your kids hair. The idea is to put as much moisture back into the hair shaft. Curly and coily hair tends to get dry easily and following the L.O.C method helps combat that. Leave in conditioner is step one of THE LOC METHOD and if your kids hair is not thick and does not get too frizzy, on wash day you can stop here. Pick your leave in, we use Cantu Care for Kids Leave in Conditioner (You know, brand loyalty and all that, jokes aside the products works great for my kids so I see no reason to mix and match). And you’re ready to style. Now on the other hand if your child's hair is thick and or has high porosity do try the L.O.C method if you have not already. That is, use a leave in conditioner followed by an oil and then a moisturising cream.

loc method

Step 7

If using the LOC method, the next step is ‘Oil’. Put some oil on the hair to seal in the moisture. Concentrate on the ends and work your way up towards the roots. Then run your fingers through the hair to distribute and again comb through to coat evenly. I recommend starting with less and seeing what your kids hair can handle. Too much can weigh the curls down. This again… is another step where you will have to see what works for your kids hair. we use Garnier Hair Oils.

Curling cream and styling custard

Step 8

C of the L.O.C Method ‘Moisturising Cream’. This helps shape, mould and define curls while also locking in the moisture. We use the Cantu Care for Kids Curling Cream or the Cantu Care for Kids Styling Custard. But again find the product that works for you. Comb the product through again with a wide tooth comb. Make sure the product is spread throughout the hair and the hair is evenly coated.

Hair original

Now obviously there is more that you can learn but these are the basic steps that all parents NEED to know to properly cleanse their kids curly or coily hair (type 3 or type 4).

BONUS TIP: Get a satin sleep cap for your kids hair at night, they might as well get used to it, my daughter hates it so I put it on her when she’s asleep. Also… Try to avoid those knots, put the hair in plaits/braids before bed (2 or 3 will do).

Thanks for reading and good luck!

For more info on kids hair care basics head over to our youtube page where you can also find inspiration for easy to do cute hairstyles.

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