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11 Tips to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated
Jun 22nd 2020
There are many schools of thought out there about how to moisturise. A popular one is the L.O.C method. While this method of layering products in a specific order could work for you, it DID NOT work for me...
My Hair-story
May 11th 2020
I took the leap and went for the big chop. It was so liberating. My hair was long and I thought I would miss it, but months later I am more excited than ever about carrying my natural locs.
Finding the right hair care routine for you and your hair.
May 4th 2020
It has become more apparent that the various products we use in our hair do not actually do our hair any good, in some cases it even damages our hair..
L.O.C Method be dammed…I have my own L.O.C method.
Feb 24th 2020
Aaargghhh…… What happenned to my hair?” I screamed one morning as I was trying to comb out the mass of knots that was once #hairgoals.
Type 4 a type 4 b… What on earth are you on about ... I have afro hair!
Feb 8th 2020
The one where I talk about Afro Hair ...
How my hair impacts how I take care of my daughter hair.
Jan 25th 2020
After reading my post Reconnecting with my roots my husband asked me a great question. How did my hair impact how I took care of my daughters’ hair?
A new beginning
Jan 18th 2020
My natural tresses have been a myth to me since since what, 1989? 30 years later I’m finally ready to sever my convoluted ties to my relaxed hair.