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Special days… today or everyday?
May 25th 2020
Having a day set aside to commemorate certain things especially in this day and age when we can often get overloaded by deadlines, weighed down by our workload and/or...
The only black in the village
Mar 30th 2020
...a loudmouthed drunk individual had the nerve to ask, So who colonised you? I was speechless. The gaul! The nerve of the guy! The balls on this dude!...
Black Hair Pride
Mar 9th 2020
s"We’ve been judged by our hair, penalised because of it. Even when the media becomes eager to have a black woman on the cover of magazines, in order to follow a trend or to be seen as progressive, we still find our hair being deemed ‘not beautiful’ "
Claiming back our hair-itage
Feb 16th 2020
It answers some of the why’s I asked myself... I did not realise how much of an effect seeing all that had on me. It was all subconscious.
I am not your misguided perception of my hair.
Feb 1st 2019
The one with the poem