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11 Tips to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated
Jun 22nd 2020
There are many schools of thought out there about how to moisturise. A popular one is the L.O.C method. While this method of layering products in a specific order could work for you, it DID NOT work for me...
Hair love
Jun 1st 2020
I see aspects of the story in my life ie. how daunting it must have been for my husband. Having to deal with my daughter and all her hair while trying to avoid the tears and screaming.
What’s in a name?
May 25th 2020
You may know someone who whilst pregnant said they were waiting till the child was born to decide on the name eg. He looks like a David or an Ike. I on the other hand...
Special days… today or everyday?
May 25th 2020
Having a day set aside to commemorate certain things especially in this day and age when we can often get overloaded by deadlines, weighed down by our workload and/or...
Our Children and Community
May 18th 2020
She was handcuffed, with zipties, and taken to a police station… at 6 years old! Because she had a tantrum.
My Hair-story
May 11th 2020
I took the leap and went for the big chop. It was so liberating. My hair was long and I thought I would miss it, but months later I am more excited than ever about carrying my natural locs.
Finding the right hair care routine for you and your hair.
May 4th 2020
It has become more apparent that the various products we use in our hair do not actually do our hair any good, in some cases it even damages our hair..
15 podcasts to listen to while social distancing
Apr 15th 2020
Now it is all about thinking of ways to keep ourselves occupied. Today I am going to be giving you a list of 15 podcasts to listen to to ease this social distancing period.
The Most decadent gooey brownies ever, with chocolate buttercream icing
Apr 13th 2020
This brownie recipe makes rich, gooey delicious brownies with minimum fuss. In fact it is a simple one bowl technique.
My Baby is no longer a Baby
Apr 6th 2020
Having that history with her from her birth, I knew that going forward there would be, not challenges, but she would be a bit behind everybody else her age.