L.O.C Method be dammed…I have my own L.O.C method.

by Lian OkolieFeb 24th, 2020

Aaargghhh…… What happenned to my hair?”

This is the song I was listening to when I wrote this. “Someone please call 911, the alleged assailant was a jar of coconut oil”

“Aaargghhh…… What happenned to my hair?” I screamed one morning as I was trying to comb out the mass of knots that was once was my beautiful hair. Hair that filled me with pride. #Everydayisagoodhairday, But not today it seems.

My hair is usually soft and easy to comb, even when it’s dry. I used to use ORS when I was relaxing my hair, infact 95% of my haircare products were ORS. I used the relaxer, coconut oil, castor oil etc because I thought it was a good brand. But it seems to be a different story for my natural hair. I thought products like coconut oil would be good for my hair texture but I got the shock of my life when I used it on my natural hair. It all started one night when I thought, “I know I’ll put some oil on my hair then put my scarf on to seal in the moisture so it could be nice and soft the next morning”. So I put some Leave in then some ORS coconut oil (The kind in a tub/pot not the liquid kind) What a mistake! The next day it was tough, knotty and really hard to comb, it felt like a battle of momentous proportions trying to comb it out. I did not recognize my hair. The 4c parts of my hair (the back and sides) were tangled and knotty it was so bizarre. The 4b parts (the middle towards the back) were better, though it bore no resemblance to the l hair I knew, it wasn’t as hard to comb and the 4a parts (the front) were more wirey than usual It was crazy. So I thought ors coconut oil is not for me.

It had happened before, but I didn’t realise it was the oil. How could it be, its coconut oil. So it didn’t occur to me that the sudden change in my hair was due to the oil. But when it happened again, because I put it on right before bed and the next morning I noticed the change, I realised that must it. I thought back to the first time it happened and that just validated my thoughts.

So I’m thinking coconut oil is not a friend to my hair, but how can that be? Then today the strangest thing happened. During my L.O.C. routine, instead of using one oil I mixed some ‘Pattern Jojoba oil hair serum’ and a ‘Froher’ oil product ‘Seaweed Secrets’, lo and behold, the same thing happened “ What The Hell Is Going On?” I usually use the ‘Pattern Jojoba oil hair serum’ with their leave in conditioner and all is well so now I’m thinking is it the fro hair product or is it the fact that I used oil in my hair and oil just doesn’t agree with my hair?

Well to test my theory I Co washed my hair, put the Pattern leave in and 2 pumps of the Jojoba hair serum. My hair was soft and very easy to comb. As it dried it remained the same.

The next week I co washed again and this time used my leave in then ORS coconut oil. My hair started off very soft, well it was still wet so that was to be expected. As it dried though, it started to get very dry, thick and spongy. “that wasn’t normal for me”.

Ok, so now I know. I can’t put oil in my hair without mixing it with some sort of moisturiser (very little oil). Why did no one tell me! I can’t be the only one it’s happened to. When I decided to go natural I did my research, checked out a bunch of blogs, I also asked people I knew with natural hair about their routines. Out of the 6 people I asked only one replied including specifics about how she moisturises. She talked about mixing oils with moisturisers, but she didn’t say why, so I payed more attention to the products she used than to the fact that she mixed them together. Maybe she failed to be overly specific about it or maybe there was no particular reason for it and she just moisturised that way. But boy it would have been good to know before experiencing that.

Sisters come on, spread the love, let us share the knowledge. You could help someone understand that they don’t have unmanageable hair they’re just not using the right routine. It could go a long way in helping to elevate confidence levels, especially in this current climate where young girls are being sent home from school for sporting an afro like it’s something to be ashamed of. And our sisters are having their natural hair airbrushed out of magazine covers. More on that story here.

Well obviously I had to tweak the L.O.C method to suit me, so now instead of Leave in+Oil+Cream/Butter, I do Leave in & Oil (mix a tiny amount of oil with leave in) +Cream/Butter. If you’ve had that trouble with hair oils hopefully this will work for you too.

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