15 podcasts to listen to while social distancing

#Podcasts#lockdown#Social Distancing#coronavirusby Lian OkolieApr 15th, 2020


This lockdown has been going on, for most of us, since sometime in March. Each government has been smart enough to tell us that the lockdown will last for 2 - 3 weeks, and before the end of that period the lockdown has been extended. I believe that they knew it wouldn't last just 2 weeks. Just looking at Wuhan, China you know roughly how long it's going to last. I see it taking about 2- 2 and a half months at least till things can BEGIN to EASE up. But obviously they had to dose out the time frame in bite size pieces, so that we the public could be more understanding of the fact that our freedom of movement has been stripped away. So yes, that was a smart move. But not for me, or anyone else who has been waiting to get back home or is in the process of moving house. We have people waiting to move into our home while we’re locked down in it. well, it is what it is.

Now it’s all about thinking of ways to keep ourselves occupied. Today I’m going to be giving you a list of 15 podcasts to listen to to ease this social distancing period.

Now I know ‘a good podcast’ is relative, some people could enjoy calm voices while others prefer bubbly and upbeat. Then there’s topics, while some would choose political over gossip others would go for true crime… Then again, you could like all of the above depending on your mood.

I personally like to keep up with the news. I also like entertainment, social commentary and personal stories. For me, podcasts can't be too long unless they are REALLY informative and/or entertaining. If not generally 30-50 mins is my threshold per episode. The question of personalities, for me, depends on genre and above all my mood or mind set at the time. If I'm stressed or tired a calm voice is good. If I'm after entertainment then bubbly and energetic catches my attention. Above all they need to be informative.

The following list of ‘15 Podcasts to listen to while social distancing’, will incorporate all of the above so you will no doubt find something for you.

Because we are all different and have various preferences when it comes to what we enjoy, I've divided my list into categories so you can easily identify what sounds good to you:

Mature listening:

  1. Therapy for black girls: Hosted by a licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. This podcast is a weekly chat covering mental health, personal development and decisions we can make to become better versions of ourselves. It covers topics ranging from talking to your child about race & why we procrastinate, to living well. With a runtime varying from 10-30min bite size pieces you can binge numerous episodes in no time.


  1. The daily show with Trevor Noah, ears edition: Discussions and relevant interviews drawn from current events. Much like the daily show but with extended interviews.

  2. The friend zone: Hosted by 3 friends, Dustin, Fran and Assante, who take you on a 1-2hr weekly thrill ride discussing everything from mental health worries over Covid -19 to true crime. They discuss EVERYTHING. This fun trio keeps you so engaged you won’t know where the time goes.

  3. The daily by New York Times: Journalist Michael Babaro hosts this informative fact based topical podcast. Posted 5 days a week with a runtime of 20mins this podcast is a great way to get your daily fix of current events.

  4. The breakfast club: Hosted by Charlamagne, Angela yee and Dj Envy. If you know the radio show, this is more of the same. Interviews and discussion on current events and entertainment. This podcast is 1h 30mins long on average.


  1. Oprah’s super soul conversations: Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought leaders, best selling authors , spiritual luminaries as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self. 30min runtime.

  2. Oprah’s masterclass: Inspiring and informative interview clips from Oprah’s shows. Hear the greatest life lessons from renowned actors, musicians, public figures and athletes. Handpicked by Oprah, these luminaries reveal their lives with candour and insight— listen as Jay z, Justin Timberlake, Ellen degeneres and Dwayne Johnson (just to name a few) share what they’ve learned about life and their own insights into their personal stories.This podcast ended in 2019 but has enough content to keep you engaged. 30min runtime, available on the apple podcast app.
  3. Strong black lead from Netflix: This weekly podcast is hosted by Tracey Clayton who interviews actors/actresses who paved the way for black representation on our screens. Interviews are interesting and informative. With a runtime of 30mins on average, it’s a good Podcast to binge.

Niche Podcasts:

  1. Curls disrupted: Hosted by Aeleise and Aishia, two natural hair professionals. What this podcast lacks in hair tips, it makes up for in advice and information on who to listen to when it comes to caring for your natural hair. I was disappointed going in, as I was expecting to hear some first hand tips from professionals. But I shouldn’t be surprised, if they gave all the info away how would they make their money. Nevertheless I was hooked by their honesty and advice and would recommend this to any natural hair enthusiasts who are trying to understand their hair.

  2. The love hour: hosted by married couple Kevin and Melissa, who discuss and share their take on the ups and downs of marriage. Ft special guests who help you gain perspective on certain issues, that we all encounter as couples. Runtime ranges from 1h - 2hrs.

  3. Balanced black girl : hosted by Lestraundra Alfred, we join her and her guests as they discuss health, happiness and life. This podcast is all about wellness for women of colour. Runtime ranges from 30mins to 1h 10mins.

  4. Woman Evolve: Hosted by Sarah Jake Roberts, SJR, who is bubbly, chatty and does not hold back. Has all the ingredients for a podcast worth listening to. Join Sarah as she offers advice and guidance to help you navigate through daily life. Quite long but Sarah carries you along. Runtime ranges from 1h - 1h 30.


  1. Jesus and jollof: Hosted by Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji. 2 bubbly, larger than life, proudly Nigerian women. This podcast follows them as they reminisce on their childhood, discuss life choices and self care from the female perspective. Whilst also incorporating personal stories and tid bits on things they love. Runtime ranges from 1hr -1h 20.

  2. Getting grown: Hosted by Jade and Keia, imagine listening to a daily journal/diary… This podcast is filled with personal stories about these two women learning how to adult, while taking you along for the ride. Runtime ranges from 1h - 2h.

  3. Legally clueless : Hosted by Kenyan media personality and social activist Adelle Onyango, this podcast is driven by her personal stories with some social commentary thrown in for good measure. Runtime ranges from 30-45min.

There are others that didn’t make it onto the list as they are not regularly updated or have since stopped recording but they nevertheless have great content. If you would like to listen to them anyway drop a comment and I will send you some titles. In the meantime enjoy listening.

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