Finding the right hair care routine for you and your hair: 11 Tips to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated.

11 tips for your hair

Refresher: Caring for our hair, whether it’s relaxed or natural, usually in protective styles or covered by a wig. It is something that we need to take seriously if we want to maintain shiny, hydrated, and easy to manage healthy hair. My hair (textured hair type 4) tends to get very dry, and depending on your hair type, results in breakage and dull looking, hard to manage hair.

Over the past few years more and more women have decided to go natural, and not just that. We are opting to move away from the usual chemical based products that we have been using for most of our lives and now, instead we are opting to use (yes you guessed it) chemical free products. Some of us, me included, have even decided to steer clear of adding heat to our hair. All this in order to maintain our natural locs and keep our strands healthy.

As I discussed in Finding the right hair care routine: washing/Cleansing We have a better understanding of our hair, and we realised that in the past we haven't been so kind to it (unintentionally of course). Following on from that, in this article I’ll be discussing moisturising and hydrating with 11 Tips to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated.

There are many schools of thought out there about how to moisturise or how to loc in moisture. A popular one is the L.O.C method or L.C.O method. While this method of layering products in a specific order to loc moisture in could work for you, it DID NOT work for me. Again our hair types are so different that there is no one size fits all remedy. So get that out of your mind. No matter how great or insightful an article seems. You will still need to try and SEE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! So please try the L.O.C method if you haven't already.

Here are 11 simple tips to moisturise and hydrate your natural hair and keep it looking healthy:

1. Use a water based moisturizer or Leave in conditioner

Invest in a moisturiser that has water as a 1st or 2nd ingredient. Note, just because something is branded as moisturising doesn't mean it is. Try ‘As I Am’ so much moisture. It’ s my go to moisturiser, I personally can't do without it. It hydrates and moisturises. Leave ins are also a good option as they are designed for the purpose of moisturising and hydrating hair.

2. Use Hot Oil Treatments

Doing a hot oil treatment at least once a week will help keep your hair moisturised and improve the overall look and elasticity of your hair. Opt for cold pressed oils such as coconut oil which is light and highly moisturising.

3. Deep Condition Regularly

This can be done quite easily at home. You simply apply a product i.e a deep conditioner, moisturising treatment, or a reconstructive mask onto damp hair and cover your hair with a plastic cap or heated cap. You can leave it overnight (plastic cap only), or just for a few hours. If using a shower cap, your natural body heat will help the product to penetrate your hair cuticles

4. Sleep With a Satin Scarf On Your Afro Hair

Cotton pillows and pillowcases are highly absorbent and remove all the moisture from your hair like a sponge. So try and use a satin scarf when sleeping, or use a satin pillowcase to avoid stripping your hair of moisture.

5. Drink Plenty of Water for Healthy Hair

Your hair is a reflection of your overall health so keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy for great looking hair.

6. Rinse Your Hair in Cold Water

Doing a cold rinse after washing your hair will close your cuticles, helping to add shine and seal in the moisture.

7. Don’t skip wash day

If you're like me, you know that some days skipping wash day can be tempting, but DON’T DO IT! Even if you’re wearing a protective style like box braids. When wearing protective styles it is still important to wash your hair regularly. If you're worried about frizz, try a shampoo that's specifically made for use while in protective styles.

8. Steam your Hair

Steam treatments are popular among naturals, and for good reason. they help revive curls and increase shine and elasticity to the hair by opening up the cuticle to allow in more moisture. Tip: Do this at the same time as a hot oil treatment. If you don’t have a steamer at home, or find them too expensive, you can use a facial steamer which is much cheaper. Or if you only have a hooded dryer, that works too for a deeper condition. Tip: before sitting under your hooded dryer, put on a plastic cap to help lock in moisture.

9. Avoid Heat

Of course you need to avoid applying heat to your hair. Heat tends to dry out ,as well as, damage hair.

10. How often should you moisturise your hair? EVERYDAY!!


Over scrunching and touching your hair too much actually causes breakage. If you’re always touching your hair, your fingers can actually steal away essential oils, leading to dry and easily broken hair strands.

There you have it. 11 tips to keep your hair hydrated and moisturised.

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